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Copyright 2015. Nanci J. Mortimer. All rights reserved.


     They're playing Beethoven in Millennium Park," Daddy says. "It's gonna be ee-lec-tric!" ​​​​ 

     I put on my best dress. "You look like an angel," Mama says.

As a world-renown, self-taught artist, Della speaks volumes through her artwork. Every piece tells a story.  ​Using bits borrowed from Chicago and bits from her own life experiences in Milwaukee, Della builds a collage city and breathes life into the girl of Nanci's imagination.  

Artist Della Wells

 Author Nanci J. Mortimer

Nanci lived in Chicago for 15 years, riding the 'L'  and enjoying the city with her family. Electric Angel is part personal experience, part dream. Using poetic devices and verbal imagery, Nanci tells of the wonder of big cities, 'L' trains, Beethoven, and the blues through the eyes of a young girl.